Be A Tither Message from Pastor Draper

Here is the harsh truth: If all of us would just tithe, we wouldn't have a need for a pledge. If we would just do what God has asked of us then we don't have to do anything else. You say "Why?" - because whenever you're obedient to Him, it obligates Him. My focus in 2019 will be on getting us to be a tithing church, because if we will tithe then we don't have to do anything else. So many times people will give on their annual day but won't do what God says to do on a consistent basis. But as your leader, I want to challenge you today - if you're not a tither - that you will do it today. I'm not talking about a pledge, I'm not talking about anything else, I'm talking about, "Be a tither." Not because I'm asking you to, but because God has given us this command.

It is my prayer that you will try God. Because in Malachi He literally says:

“Put me to the test, and see…”

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Give From Your Cellphone With the Givelify App

Givelify is a safe and secure way to give a tithe or offering. Once you download the app to your phone from the iTunes App Store or from the Google Play Store, giving is easy. Search and find Tucker Missionary Baptist Church, 515 Oakwood Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13205 – then follow the 3 steps on the slideshow.